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 DVD TO MP3 RIPPER Apr 7, 2004 177
A powerful and easy-to-use DVD ripping, converting and DVD backup tool. It can convert your DVD audio to MP3 file as you like. Main features include: high quality of audio with mp3 encoding, DVD decrypts, audio language stream choose , Optimized for Intel and AMD CPU....
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 Audio MP3 Maker Apr 6, 2004 176
Audio MP3 Maker enables the audio file to be copied with high fidelity through a direct reproduction of sound tracks and digital transformation. Now with the new version, you can convert CDs to MP3 files directly. It can also convert the ripped WAV file into MP3 file format. It works with CDDB info...
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 MP3 WaveBuilder Apr 6, 2004 170
MP3 WaveBuilder is a program that integrates itself into Windows shell and allows to convert MP3 files to wave (PCM WAV) and vice versa (WAV->MP3) by selecting 'Decode to WAVE' or 'Compress to MP3' right from Windows shell popup menu. Most of the CD burning programs can burn directly from MP3 files....
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 WAV to MP3 Encoder Apr 6, 2004 170
WAV to MP3 encoder makes compressing and sharing music files a snap. Encode your ripped WAV files into high-quality, non-corrupt MP3 files so you can store your favorite CDs or share them online. Our Encoder gives you the option of creating MP3s in 40 different bitrates, 3 sampling rates and 2 c...
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 Advanced Encode Decode Tools Apr 6, 2004 167
If you?re looking for a good audio converter supporting all popular formats and communicating with you in your native language, then this is exactly what "your doctor has prescribed". Try it and most likely you won?t be disappointed....
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 Audio Converter Command-Line Tool Apr 6, 2004 166
Audio Converter converts audio files in batches directly between WMA (Windows Meda), MP3, AIFF, and Wave format. Additionally it copies tracks from an audio CD to hard disk. This program supports compact disc database (CDDB) queries and submissions, WinAMP M3U playlists, audio volume normalizat...
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 All To MP3 Converter Nov 19, 2002 165
You need to convert your digital audio files to MP3 format, but you have tired to start audio conversion utility every time? Try to use our All To MP3 Converter - it gives you ability to start conversion directly from your Windows Explorer. All you need to do is simply select audio files, click on...
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 Audio Conversion Studio Apr 6, 2004 163
Audio Conversion Studio is audio conversion software for your home and business. It allows you easily setup and convert (encode/ decode) your audio files. Audio Conversion Studio support WMA (Windows Media Audio 8), MP3 and WAV formats and ID3 Tags. It has Windows Explorer-like interface. Also avai...
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 MP3 Burner Apr 6, 2004 163
MP3 burner supports MP3, VOX, RAW, WMA, and ACM. MP3 Burner will take your music in any of those formats, convert it to WAV, normalize them and burn them directly to a CD!! No more having to use 3 programs to make your MP3's in to audio CD. Very fast MP3 to WAV conversion. You can just convert...
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 A RobFantastic MP3 Networked Encoder Apr 6, 2004 162
The Rob Fantastic MP3 Encoder uses all the machines on your network to encode wav files to mp3 files. I don't recommend using the Fraunhofer codec with high bit rates, though. It's very good at bitrates 128kbits and below, and very bad at higher bit rates. According to this excellent article on en...
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