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 EZ Mp3 Recorder Apr 7, 2004 1286
EZ Mp3 Recorder makes a complete recording studio of your computer. With EZ Mp3 Recorder you can record your own music, voice or other sound you hear, either voice from microphone, webcasts from the Internet, music played by Winamp, Windows Media Player, Quick Time, Real Player, Flash, game...
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 Advanced Pic Hunter Sep 9, 2005 711
There are thousands of pictures in many websites on Internet. And people often want to download these pictures quickly and conveniently. Of course you can view and save them one by one with web-browser. But this will waste you much time. Let SeaMoon Pic Hunter do the job rapidly and automatically. S...
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 Search Engine Builder Mar 10, 2007 300
Many visitors to your website are usually looking for specific information. If they have to take too much time to find what they want, you`ll lose some of them. Search Engine Builder Standard is specifically designed to help with that problem. It indexes your entire website quickly and generates ...
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 EZ Extract Resource Jan 7, 2004 140
EZ Extract Resource is a tool that can scan specified directories or single files on your computer and extract icons, bitmaps, glyphs (button images), and cursors, sounds etc from programs and DLL, OCX, etc (see screen shot). EZ Extract Resource save these images or videos, sounds as regular ...
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