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 StaffEye Jul 7, 2007 26
Use camera to monitor anyone StaffEye allows you to close all the game windows by pressing hot key no matter whether they are hided or not. Furthermore, it can turn off your computer's volume when it hides game windows. StaffEye allows you to tell your game windows to it by windows title or ...
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 Acronis Drive Cleanser Aug 2, 2004 25
Acronis Drive Cleanser guarantees the complete destruction of all the data on the selected partitions and/ or entire disks. You know that there are cases in which it is absolutely indispensable to completely delete all the information from your hard drive. You may sell your old computer, upgrade to...
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 Secrets Protector Pro 2006 Jul 8, 2006 25
Secrets Protector Pro 2006 is a powerful privacy protector tool with the built-in folder locker, secure eraser and privacy manager. The software offers a strong encryption algorythm, secure file deletion technique and a smart built-in trace remover to fulfill all your security needs. Protect all y...
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 Find Protected Aug 27, 2004 24
Find Protected software is created to help you search for and identify password protected files on local disks and across the network. The application suppots zip and rar, MS office documents, and secure file stores, such as PGP disk. This utility is targeted to the IT administrators and all thos...
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 Access Denied XP May 10, 2007 23
Access Denied XP is a new security software for Windows 2000/ XP with plenty of features. Set up the user name and password to your Windows 2000/ XP computer to maintain security and privacy of the information stored on your computer. Access Denied XP locks your desktop by one mouse click or keyboar...
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