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 Network Sniffer Mar 22, 2004 6074
Sniffer is a system for interception and analysis of packets transmitted on a network. Installed on a local network computer, it is possible to observe all traffic, including packets not addressed to the chosen computer. Sniffer can have plug-ins for different protocols, such as IP, TCP, and UD...
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 Lisp Studio Apr 19, 2004 320
Common Lisp development system. Includes command-line and IDE Lisp interpreters. Possibility of creating EXE-files...
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 Dialer Dec 13, 2003 166
Dialer is a simple tool for dialing to Internet-providers....
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 SchemeDesigner Feb 1, 2004 92
SchemeDesigner is a CAD-system for design of schemes and diagrams. Each element of schemes is an Object with customised properties. The schemes consist od instances of stencils....
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