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 Monster Truck Stunts Sep 11, 2002 764
Monster truck stunts game, specifically designed to challenge other human players in message-board-coordinated online contests. Accurate car dynamics simulation, realistic driving techniques, stunning brake-into-pieces crashes. Includes track editor. Mouse, joystick, gamepad and steering wheel...
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 The Concorde Experience Feb 23, 2004 700
This package will add a British Airways liveried Concorde (G-BOAC) to your Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Package includes a very accurate flight model, a visual model with animated moving parts (landing gear and nose section), a realistic instrument panel and a fully functioning Inertial Navigat...
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 TV Manager Feb 23, 2004 455
Anyone should be able to achieve success with skill and hard work - the American dream. Live this dream by taking charge of a small and nearly bankrupt TV station and leading it to glory as the world's biggest TV network. Place movies and advertising spots in your program depending on which audience...
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 Mindlink Nov 19, 2002 219
Mindlink takes you behind the eyes of a computer hacker, who is out to steal money and files, and make all the profit he can. Digital Overlay 2: Mindlink, has many new enhancements and features. - Steal Files and Money - New Hackers Server - New Chat Server - New Tools (Autoproxy, Fileripper, ...
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 Route Control Registered Version Feb 23, 2004 211
Route Control for Train Simulator allows you to have as many custom routes as you'd like while only taking up a fraction of the hard drive space normally used by routes. Most downloaded routes can be added at the click of a button with our automatic route adding feature, which does away with batch...
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 AeroSim First Step for FS2002 Nov 19, 2002 206
Interested in joining the Virtual Airlines ? Are you competent to be the Jet Airliner Pilot ? Who knows!? But, you'll know yourself if you check-out your competency with this add-on. You've got be able to fly the minimum traffic pattern at 600ft, 145kt, flap 20, Gear down configuration with the...
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 3DRT Pinball Aug 16, 2004 195
TLK Games 3DRT Pinball machine looks and reacts like a real bar machine with fantastic ballistics effects and realistic sounds. Each of the four tables is a complete game with great graphic works, full sound effects, music and decor and its own rules. It offers a challenge to all levels of players...
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 Blue Sky Feb 23, 2004 193
In an addictive race against time, a computer science student must take the challenge of stealing highly classified research data and other materials from major corporations. Unsuspecting companies are left clueless to the real situation, as one of the best hackers alive penetrates their system d...
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 Splash Cash Aug 13, 2004 169
Splash Cash Fruit Machine, based on a real UK style fruit machine with a full feature board and a ?15 jackpot. As it name suggest's, splash cash is a fruit machine with a water theme! The game is split into two main parts, the "reel" game and the "feature game". The reel game is laid out like...
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 Digital Overlay Nov 19, 2002 164
In this unique game you take the path of an evil hacker, who is out to crack servers and make all the profit he can. The game involves cracking into virtual computer systems, and transferring money to your own bank account. You will be equipped with tools, some including a password cracker, new...
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