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 Digital Hazard Feb 23, 2004 162
Digital Hazard is the hacking simulator game developed by exoSyphen Studios. If you ever wondered what lies beneath the worldwide computer newtworking, here is your chance to go into that underground world and play the role of a hacker, in a journey arround the world, trying to find the thruth a...
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 Wall Street Raider Mar 26, 2003 148
WALL $TREET RAIDER for Windows -- The corporate takeover game and simulation -- the ultimate in gritty realism. Simulates a "real-time" stock market, with constantly moving stock ticker, financial news headlines, as you attempt to react to ever-changing economic model. Invest in any of 1590 comp...
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 Frontrunner Sep 15, 2004 142
Play Frontrunner, the 2004 Presidential Election Game that lets you jump into politics like you're out there kissing babies and shaking hands. See if you have what it takes to be president. Careen through 99 days of election frenzy! Fundraise, travel, do speeches, run ad campaigns, part...
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 Safe Cracker Aug 13, 2004 134
Safe Cracker is based on a UK style fruit machine, very simular to an American slot machine. It has excellent soundFx, Graphics and gameplay....
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 Blue Sky AC / Developer Edition Feb 23, 2004 119
Blue Sky :: Acceptable Casualties is the hacking simulator game released under the name of exoSyphen Studios, and published by TerminalZero. In this fast paced action game, you have to chance to play the role of an experienced hacker in an addictive race against time. Take your chances in this ext...
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 ProjectBrasil Feb 23, 2004 113
Be the mayor of a Brazilian city with this city simulator. Try to run the city the best you can otherwise you won't be reelected every four years (unless you want to be a dictator -- what you still can) :(...
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 Inferno Aug 13, 2004 100
Inferno is based on a modern UK Fruit Machine. It has a virtual ?15 jackpot, a reel board and seperate feature boards. With a firey theme, great SoundFX and graphics, this game is a must for anyone interested in arcade games. At the end of the game you have the chance to enter your name into ...
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 Live Billiards Deluxe Aug 7, 2004 99
The utmost pool game! Deluxe version released! New games, room, tables added!...
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 SeaWar: The Battles 2 Aug 7, 2004 93
SeaWar 2 battleship game is now dressed in multitude of effects, unique for each level. Crush enemies by shooting Powder Bomb, Dashed Rockets and ion driven Ball Lightings! By numerous requests game got "head-to-head" mode - play battleship game together now on a single computer! SeaWar: The ...
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 Encrypted Aug 13, 2004 89
Encrypted Fruit Machine, gamble for the virtual Jackpot! With a spooky theme, and based on a real UK style fruit machine this game will have you entertained for hours on end. Once you have a 3 of a kind win on the reels, you have the opportunity to enter the feature board where you can hi-lo ga...
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