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 Pocket Billiard Feb 17, 2006 4483
Pocket Billiard is quite absorbing and addictive play of billiards for your Pocket PC!Pocket Billiard is a call shot game played with a cue ball and fifteen balls, numbered 1 through 15. You will be able to choose among the 2 modes of play: a drive (training) mode for one player, and a local mode ...
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 BlackJack Feb 24, 2004 1680
Missing Las Vegas? Don't miss more with this addictive casino game....
BlackJack download   BlackJack free download Buy now for $6.99   Buy BlackJack now
 File Navigator Feb 8, 2006 994
Looking for a hard-working file manager for your Pocket PC? Need powerful and easy-to-use software? File Navigator is an excellent utility with plenty of wonderful features: functional yet very easy-to-use, easily customizable, intuitive interface, user support and so on. There is no better file ...
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 Remote Desktop Dec 13, 2003 786
Remote Desktop allows you to connect to your PC via the Internet, using any connection ( modem, wireless, mobile phone). You have full control to run applications on your PC, manage your emails, edit documents and any other tasks you want to do while you are out of home or office. Very easy and...
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 WAP Navigator Feb 25, 2004 500
A very useful WAP browser for your Pocket PC. A must-have wireless application....
WAP Navigator download   WAP Navigator free download Buy now for $14.99   Buy WAP Navigator now
 Swap it! Feb 18, 2004 487
A new simple, yet challenging puzzle game. Very easy to learn and play! The game is very simple however challenging. The target of the game is to take out as many items as you can by swapping two adjacent items. Once you eliminate some of the items (by achieving rows of columns of three of a kind) ...
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 Casino Pack Feb 24, 2004 418
A bundle with two addictive casino games: Video Poker and Blackjack....
Casino Pack download   Casino Pack free download Buy now for $10.99   Buy Casino Pack now
 Antz Feb 24, 2004 386
Another simple, yet challenging puzzle game....
Antz download   Antz free download Buy now for $7.99   Buy Antz now
 Pocket Pinball Feb 23, 2004 367
Realistic and addictive real-time pinball designed for your Pocket PC. Features: incredible graphics; sound effects; customizable buttons; realistic physics;...
Pocket Pinball download   Pocket Pinball free download Buy now for $14.99   Buy Pocket Pinball now
 Arcade Classic: Wall Breaker Feb 9, 2004 259
Wall Breaker is a classic arcade game for your Pocket PC. The object of the game is to eliminate the bricks and keep the ball in the game. Nice graphics, a lot of surprises and 20 levels are waiting for you. Be careful: it's hard to stop playing it!...
Arcade Classic: Wall Breaker download   Arcade Classic: Wall Breaker free download Buy now for $6.99   Buy Arcade Classic: Wall Breaker now
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