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 LoadScout Jan 14, 2009 183
LoadScout is a smart program designed to help you browse the web and FTP sites. It allows you to get information from any remote media or archive file without downloading it. The basic idea is to download only a small part of the file and extract the required data. In addition LoadScout includes an ...
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 Handy Recovery Apr 4, 2012 141
With Handy Recovery you can browse the content of your disk like you do it in Windows Explorer. The only difference is that you see deleted files and folders along with the regular ones. The program can search for files by name or mask and show the probability of successful recovery for each file. R...
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 WAPT Sep 19, 2012 91
WAPT (Web APplication Testing) is Web Application Load, Stress and Performance Testing tool. WAPT uses a number of advanced techniques to simulate real live load conditions. If you want to simulate thousands of users, you do not need to specify separate behavior for each of them. HTTP requests can...
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 WinReminder Nov 21, 2005 30
WinReminder reminds you of important events in your life. WinReminder can send SMS-notifications directly to your mobile phone or your e-mail address when the reminder is due. WinReminder supports a wide range of notifications (display notifications, sound notifications, program launching, playin...
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 Backup Platinum May 1, 2008 29
Backup Platinum is a powerful backup solution for your business and for your personal needs. It flawlessly integrates in one program all things generally used to organize the backup process: from a CD/ DVD writing software to an FTP client. You can even use it to synchronize files between two comput...
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 SpamAid Mar 7, 2007 26
SpamAid protects your Microsoft Outlook Inbox from spam and unsolicited emails. SpamAid works with all mail accounts supported by Outlook: POP3, IMAP, HTTP and Exchange. SpamAid uses built-in algorithm of message filtration, which is based on Bayesian approach of defining whether a message is spa...
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