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 HandyDb Manager Feb 8, 2006 1128
HandyDB Manager is an excellent software for those who want to work with Access databases on their Pocket PC. Formerly you could work with Word and Excel on your pocket PC, but as for Access databases, you had to be content with some limited management of the existing one. Now, with HandyDB Manag...
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 Cash 4 CE Feb 24, 2004 243
Cash 4 CE bundled (Pocket PC & Desktop PC versions). both programs are created for make your life easy. Trash the pen & paper Cash 4 CE help you maintains your accounts balance in easy way and let you with only one click see the reports of all the transactions. The easy and beautiful interface of t...
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 Sales 4 CE Feb 24, 2004 174
Sales 4 CE works on Pocket PC and enables you to enter orders for the products you offer. Important part of the application is management of your orders and present that information in your Pocket PC, clients and complete list of all products you offer. All the able information can be transferred t...
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 My Passwords Jan 20, 2004 97
How many time you forget or lost those important Passwords, Serials, CD Keys etc?. My Passwords is a useful Program designed to allow you keep this important information with you in your Pocket PC. My Passwords do not encrypt his database information (the idea is not encrypt), we don't want to re...
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 PocketCD Jan 12, 2004 92
PocketCD is a powerful Music Collection Database program created for PocketPC. You can have all your Music Collections information in the palm of your hand at any time no matter which kind of format is your music stored, can be CD, CD-R, LP, Cassettes, MP3 etc For all the Music Enthusiast or M...
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