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 wxDesigner Jan 6, 2004 364
wxDesigner is a tool written to make creating dialogs for wxWindows based programs easy and fast. wxWindows is a cross-platform toolkit and it thus cannot make use of native resource formats as they typically exist for many platforms. For that reason, wxWindows has been optimized over time to make ...
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 Digital Lock Jan 6, 2004 231
For both software publishers and niche developers, success in the software market all over the world depends on protection of intellectual property rights. Almost all shareware authors face this problem. And? We have a solution! Designed to protect software products from small-scale end-user applic...
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 Binary Browser V3.2 (Professional Edition) Jan 6, 2004 220
This program is intended for software companies, programmers and web developers. Other users can still use many of its powerful tools. The program supports enhanced regular expression scripts to perform operations (such as sophisticated search, replace, color, etc.) on files. These operations ca...
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 Object Explorer Feb 21, 2002 195
This powerful utility displays applications, libraries, and objects by file directory, hierarchy, or application library. This is the only program that performs global search and replace throughout an entire application! Check out the recent enhancements. Search Your Libraries Fast. Object Explo...
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 VBCompare Jan 6, 2004 195
VBCompare compares two versions of a source program or a library of source programs in a folder or compressed "Zip" file to determine the differences and produce a merged output file that is displayed and can be edited. User written VBScript can be supplied to eliminate "noisy" differences such as t...
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 CodeMapper v2.0 Jan 6, 2004 191
CodeMapperTM is OrbiTech's flagship product. It is a perfect solution for all software professionals that need precise documentation of their source code and management of their C/ C++ projects. CodeMapperTM fits the way of work, expands productivity and speeds a project up. To obtain high quality ...
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 PropSheet Jan 6, 2004 162
All Solid Edge files (part, sheet metal, assembly, etc.) have a set of "part properties" that can be modified by the user. The main reason for entering part properties into your Solid Edge files is to automate draft creation. The Solid Edge Parts List generator draws its information from file par...
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 SWFKit Express Sep 21, 2004 151
SWFKit lets you create 32-bit Windows applications from Flash, using a step-by-step interface and FFish script (an easy to learn scripting language). With a little bit of practice and some script learning, you can create applications that can access databases, perform realtime communication by ...
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 ABarCode for Access 2000 Jan 6, 2004 149
ABarCode is an Access add-in that allows you to print bar codes in any Access report. While the report is printing, ABarCode hides the text boxes, and draws its contents as bar code symbols. These symbols can be later decoded by a bar code reader (light pen, CCD scanner, laser gun, etc.), whic...
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 Double Text Jan 6, 2004 145
Putting Reusable Text And Code At Your Fingertips. Fastest, simplest way to set up, maintain and use libraries of reusable information. Double Text makes text and code both exceptionally easy to reuse and reusable information customizable for each use with 'on the fly' changes. The text being reus...
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