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 Crumbs Feb 18, 2004 495
Crumbs is an exciting game that checks your knack, intellect and attention. However, it is more puzzle game than arcade game. The goal of the game is to clear game field from Crumbs. You can shoot new Crumbs from the cannon below the game field. When there are 3 or more Crumbs situated at neighbor...
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 Bubble Strike 2001 Feb 18, 2004 323
Bubble Strike is a remake of the classic lines game. The rules are simple: there are a board with the different balls, you need to align the balls of same type into straight line and they will disappear. After each move three new balls are added to the game board, when the board is full of balls t...
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 MP3 WaveBuilder Apr 6, 2004 177
MP3 WaveBuilder is a program that integrates itself into Windows shell and allows to convert MP3 files to wave (PCM WAV) and vice versa (WAV->MP3) by selecting 'Decode to WAVE' or 'Compress to MP3' right from Windows shell popup menu. Most of the CD burning programs can burn directly from MP3 files....
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 Alien Eggs Feb 8, 2004 158
The goal of the game is to swap two nearby balls to make the straight line of 3 or more balls. This lines will disappear and existing balls with the new ones will fall down from the top. For each eliminated ball you will recieve a score that depends on current "Intensity" level. The "Intensity" is i...
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 Behind Asterisks XP Jan 21, 2004 128
This nifty software allows users to decrypt passwords hidden under asterisks "*" characters. Most programs fail to uncover passwords on XP or NT systems, Behind asterisks works on any Windows systems. Windows systems allow a convenient storage of frequently used passwords, such as passwords for yo...
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 Spylo PC Monitor Jan 21, 2004 112
Spylo PC Monitor is the award-winning and highly flexible security monitoring software used by parents, business organizations, and for the tasks like testing of usability or studies of PC usage. So what is the way you know what your staff (or family) are doing on your computer? This software tel...
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 MP3 Valet Apr 6, 2004 88
MP3 Valet is a powerful utility that searches, organizes and shows MP3 music files in user friendly manner. It creates two icons (one for fixed drives and one for current CD) in your windows system tray. By clicking on the icon you are poping up menus with complete set of your MP3s grouped by artis...
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