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 HomeCOST Estimator for Excel Aug 19, 2004 157
Create fast and accurate home construction and valuation estimates with ease. Home Construction Cost Estimating System. Designed for builders, contractors, architects, real estate professionals and insurance adjusters. With built-in modifiable data for local city indexes, class of construction, ...
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 TimeAndWageBook Feb 7, 2004 141
If you need to track employee hours and calculate their pay based on the hours worked, this Workbook will make it a breeze! It is an Excel Workbook which you enter, one time only, all your employee names into. You then enter their hourly rate and then simply enter their total hours worked for eac...
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 PaintCOST Estimator for Excel Feb 7, 2004 135
Make paint cost estimating productive and fun with this easy-to-use software! Designed specifically for painting and wallcovering contractors, decorators, builders, remodelers, and do-it-yourself individuals. PaintCOST Estimator contains industry-standard user modifiable cost data and intellig...
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 Excel Duplication Manager Add-in Feb 7, 2004 134
This very handy add-in will make your management of lists a breeze. It is designed to assist you when you have duplicates in 1 or more lists. You can create a list of uniques, hide all duplicates, create a summary report, color code all duplicates, up to 3 levels and even prevent users from addi...
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 Excel VBA Level 1 and Excel UserForms Feb 7, 2004 127
These lessons have been written by OzGrid Business Applications, who develop Excel spreadsheets on a professional basis. All information within these lessons are drawn from 'real world' experience and not fictitious class room scenarios. There are five Workbook examples with the 20 lessons. Each le...
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 Portfolio Tracking & Monitoring Feb 7, 2004 118
The Portfolio Monitoring template enables the ongoing monitoring and periodic valuation of a portfolio of financial investments. The model allows the entering of investment transactions during a reporting period to calculate performance. Furthermore, incremental investment transactions undertaken...
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 AnalyzerXL Dec 20, 2011 117
Technical Analysis in Microsoft Excel. 146 indicators and experts. Free download real and historical stock quotes from USA, Europe, and Canada into Excel spreadsheets. Mutual funds, corporate bonds, Major USA Market Indices, Major World Indices are downloadable into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets...
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 Spreadsheet Presenter Dec 3, 2004 114
Want your reports look and be professional? Want to do it fast and easy? Now you've got the complex solution! Spreadsheet Presenter is the software that will let you customize your charts and reports in MS Excel the way you want. This wonderful application offers lots of tools that can help you...
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 Investment Valuation Feb 7, 2004 110
The Investment Valuation template is ideal for evaluating a wide range of investment, financial analysis, and business case scenarios. While it is based on the traditional discounted cash flow method of valuation, its also provides ability to evaluate economic value added valuation, accounting ...
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 Multiple Regression Forecasting Feb 7, 2004 108
The Multiple Regression Forecasting template provides a solid basis for identifying value drivers and forecasting business plan data.While it utilises a range of commonly employed statistical measures to test the validity of the analysis, results are summarized in text for ease of use. Once relati...
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