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What is Softdepia's technical support responsibilities?

Softdepia provides a platform for developers to post their software for distribution. If you are having a problem, look at the following list to determine if the developer or Softdepia will support the issue at hand.

Basic Problem Type Softdepia Supported Developer Supported
Having trouble downloading a software title Yes Yes
Issues with particular program behaviour No Yes
Can't download a software title Yes Yes
Questions about Billing No Yes
Questions about Shipping No Yes
Questions about pending orders Sometimes Yes
Availability of software Yes Yes
Registration Key problems No Yes
Yes: Is supported    No: Is NOT supported    Sometimes: Limited support
Q & A 

I am a developer and have specific questions. What should I do?

As a developer of software, your needs and expectations are different than the targeted end user. Because of this diversity, it is necessary for you to contact us directly. Please send mail to

I am an end user. I am having all sorts of problems. Can you help me?

Yes we can help you. If you are having trouble downloading a particular title, have questions about order status and availability of software we have the answers to your questions.
Please send mail to

If you are having problems with registration key then you need to contact the developer of that software. Please use developer's e-mail address on the product page.

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