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 PhotoLibrarian Mar 16, 2004 52
Just point PhotoLibrarian at your pictures on your hard drive or removable media and watch it generate a beautiful, professional quality web site for you. The web site is complete with thumbnails, full navigation capability and printable pages that scale to fit the entire page! But it doesn't...
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 Mind4Math Grades Decimals Mar 16, 2004 50
Mind4Math is an easy to use teaching assistant for both the classroom educator and the home teacher. Mind4Math includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, division problems for your young students. It delivers custom practice worksheets for the student and answer sheets for the teacher or ...
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 AT Electronics Aug 11, 2004 43
AT Electronics, the Automotive Training & Diagnostic Software: This is INTERACTIVE software that is a fascinating way to learn about automotive electronics and diagnostics. Its all to do with... INPUTS - CONTROL - OUTPUTS The main AT program is a combination of Electronics and Diagnostics. Learn ...
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 ComposeEssay Mar 12, 2006 39
ComposeEssay is a unique program that will help you and your children in writing comparison and contrast essays. The program features a built-in guide that will help you in structuring and composing your essay in an interview-like style. ComposeEssay helps with both ideas generation and structuring....
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 Neuro Enhancer Vocab Edition Sep 17, 2004 35
Extend your vocabulary using brief subliminal messages. Neuro Enhancer Vocabulary is built using the same stable engine as the original Neuro Enhancer. This release will flash hundreds of words as well as definitions into your subconscious every hour. Imaging sitting at your desk doing your dail...
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 Black Jack - All the Right Moves Sep 9, 2004 31
This is the best program to hit the computer shelves all over the world. This program will give you two cards and the dealer gets two cards one card up and one card down just like in the real casinos. Now you make the decision to hit, stand, double down, split, or surrender. You hit the bu...
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 ArtSmart! English Aug 11, 2004 27
ArtSmart! is the premiere artists and works database for the Palm OS hand-held. With it, you can keep an archive of artists and works for professional or personal uses. You can keep your comments on an artist or a work, too. ArtSmart! archives are password protected for increased security. A...
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