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 Midi Maker Apr 6, 2007 12925
Midi Maker is a complete bundle for constructing music files in the popular Midi format. The large array of available features and extreme ease of use will make building scores in the compact midi format a small task for anyone of any skill level. Add this gem to your collection of composition softw...
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 Password Protection System - CD Edition Aug 13, 2004 223
This powerful security application will allow you to password protect any file(s) to be put onto a CD, DVD, or other drive type. When the program is run, it will ask for a password, and deny entry to unauthorized users. In addition, you can set expiration dates for protected files, as well a...
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 NecroFile Professional Edition Jan 22, 2004 119
NecroFile Professional Edition is a state-of-the-art disk protection utility; little beknownst to most of us, when we tell Windows to delete a file from the trash bin, it is not actually deleted at all. NecroFile eliminates the threat of outside forces bringing your files back from the dead by usi...
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 Password Protection System Plus Jan 21, 2004 107
Password Protection System Plus is a full security tool for placing passwords onto your executable program files. Additional flexibility is provided by a powerful encryption/ scrambling function that will ensure that your sensitive data is protected from any and all outside factors. Other innovative...
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 Shred File 2002 Jan 20, 2004 92
In today's digital world, there is no end to the protection necessary to keep yourself and your computer private. There are many solutions to different problems, and hopefully Shred File 2002 will be able to provide you with a secure file removal solution! Shred File 2002 is an all-encompassing fi...
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