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 Speed Gear Feb 24, 2004 197
Speed Gear can be used to adjust your Windows operation system speed. All software will change their speed after you adjust the speed rating in Speed Gear. You can define the hotkey, you can press the hotkey to pop up the window, speed up, speed down, or adjust to the appointed speed. It's perfe...
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 SOLJOY Feb 24, 2004 160
SOLJOY emulates 2-axial 2-button joystick, software converting motion and striking the buttons mouse in motion and striking the buttons of the joystick accordingly. SOLJOY is useful at game of auto-simulator if is absent the joystick or game port. Working of the program transparent for system and f...
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 Counting Cards Feb 24, 2004 136
A killer app for counting cards while playing on-line card games, with a built in timer to track time. Improve your game dramatically. There is no more guesswork as to which cards are still unplayed. At all times you know exactly what cards are still in play. Spades, Hearts, or even Bridge, Coun...
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 Chess Clocks Feb 24, 2004 100
Chess Clocks is a game timer for playing Chess and most board games. It allows the players a certain amount of time to finish the game. It prevents a person from THINKING for 20 minutes, while the other player has trouble staying awake while he is waiting. There are 3 different game modes. Normal t...
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 Alive! Jigsaw Producer Feb 24, 2004 96
Do you want to create virtual jigsaw puzzles and share them with yourfriends and relatives? Or, maybe, you want to make some money by selling computer jigsaw games? This is now possible with Alive! Jigsaw Master! Create colorful, professional-looking computer jigsaw games from your pictures and p...
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 Art Plus Game of Memory Card Builder PE Feb 24, 2004 86
We partnered with Animation Factory to offer you visually very attractive game with top quality animations. Two default sets of cards are included with the basic download package. One, Animation Factory set, presents featured animations created by Animation Factory, and the other, set of photogr...
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 PoolScore Feb 24, 2004 85
PoolScore (for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, & Win/ 2000) is an automated tool for the setup, team selection, monitoring, and final scoring of a pool for a single elimination tournament. The format of the application is designed to conform to the structure of the end of season "March Madness" NCAA ...
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 FBEdit Pro 99 Feb 24, 2004 85
FBEdit Pro 99 will allow you to globally edit players attributes. It is designed to work with FBPro 99....
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 vokki Feb 24, 2004 79
vokki bundles an efficient vocabulary trainer and a lesson editor with the word games Quiz, WordTris and Rot-O-Wort. You can play the games alone and with friends, each player can play a different language. The special with vokki is, that it adapts to the knowledge of each player. Easy and learne...
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 FBRad Feb 24, 2004 74
With FBRad you can adjust the ratings of all the players based on a template. This will make your league compliant with VPNFL or IKNFL standards or any standards that have been set in the past or the future. It also features a global editor which will allow you to adjust the ratings you select by an...
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