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 VB RezQ Apr 25, 2006 6680
Lost your Visual Basic source files and backups? Now no need to rewrite it from the scratch! You've got VB RezQ to save your time and efforts recovering your lost source files! VB RezQ is a wonderful source recovery for Visual Basic 4(32-bit), 5 and 6. Rewrite your program by recreating your source...
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 DzSoft Perl Editor Sep 8, 2016 4616
DzSoft Perl Editor is a great tool for writing, editing, and debugging Perl/ CGI scripts for the users of any level of proficiency. The program features simple user-friendly interface with lots of powerful features. Run a script and see the result immediately in just one click (you don't even...
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 TARE ResEdit Jan 7, 2004 1674
Translator's Advanced Resource Editor (TARE) is a Windows resource editor that is designed for translators rather than programmers. The standard resource editor supplied with VC++ or VB is useful for programmers who are adding one new string at a time to their program. The standard resource editor i...
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 Setup Generator Pro Jan 7, 2004 557
Setup Generator Pro is a versatile and powerful tool, which allows you to create great-looking setups offering all the important features you may ever need. Let your end users choose from several languages in the beginning, then show them any number of splash screens during installation, allow th...
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 DeskTop.VBA Jan 7, 2004 517
DeskTop.VBA is a Windows 95/ 98/ NT VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) script development and run-time environment providing scripting capabilities directly from the Windows desktop. "A natural replacement to DOS batch files providing all the hooks expected for a professional product under Windows ...
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 Code Metric Jan 7, 2004 467
CodeMetric is a line counting and formatting utility. It supplies several valuable tools for the Visual C++ programmer. Primarily it allows the programmer to format his or her code in the style they prefer. It also provides the ability to count the number of lines of code, and to count the numbe...
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 ASHE - A Scripted Hex Editor Jan 7, 2004 387
ASHE is a tool to help analyze binary data files. It allows the user to locate and modify data in a file quickly and easily. Once the structure of a file has been identified, routine changes to the file can be scripted using the integrated scripting engine. The scripting interface is intuitive and,...
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 HelpScribble Jan 7, 2004 336
HelpScribble is a tool for creating help files without a word processor. It has an easy-to-use interface with built-in editors for Windows 95-style contents files, SHG files (hot spot bitmaps), browse sequences, WinHelp macros, and so on. While HelpScribble is suited to the creation of any type...
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 SCR Builder Jan 7, 2004 306
With SCR Builder you can create your own screen savers using your own pictures and music. SCR Builder is extremely easy to use and it generates only one *.scr file which can be distributed easily. You can also generate screen saver setups, which provide automatic installation. Whether you use SCR B...
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 Java Script It! Nov 19, 2002 274
Java Script It! is a program designed to allow non programmers the capability of easily adding advanced java script, DHTML and java applets to their web pages. It contains 30 applications that each apply specific effects and functions. All applications are fully customizeable. Some of the applicati...
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