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 Hot Lingo 2.1 Mar 23, 2004 122
Hot Lingo delivers form and applet spell checking directly to Microsoft® Internet Explorer (5.0 or higher). Features: Hot Lingo features a 75, 000 word English dictionary, comprised of both American and British variants. Version 2.0 is even more user-configurable: including a customizable user dict...
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 Advanced Internet Tool (MDI revision) Mar 24, 2004 118
One day you were downloading BIIIIIG file. And here it is, you see magic text "99% complete", but connection drops and there is nothing you can do about it. Your throw out your monitor, you go to street and start acting as a maniac. How many victims is on your count at this moment ? But stop, no mo...
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 EZWinWrite Mar 23, 2004 118
EZWinWrite is a text editor with large file support. Also included are built-in miscellaneous utilities and Internet tools. EZWinWrite Functions include: Utilities: Windows ? Calculator; Calendar; Doodle Pad; Windows ? Dialer; Image Viewer; Spell Check. Internet: Web Browser; Send Email (spell c...
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 IEToolKit May 5, 2004 114
IEToolkit is an add-on for Internet Explorer, that adds a new toolbar with several useful features. It allows you to capture a full size screenshot of an entire web page (no scrolling needed) in .BMP or JPG format; save the complete page to .MHT format (web archive) or to save any element, inclu...
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 SuperCool Bookmark Mar 23, 2004 109
SuperCool Bookmark is an Internet bookmark utility that can collect, organize, browse, and search Internet bookmarks. It supports multiuser environments, so every user has their own bookmarks and password protection. SuperCool Bookmark also has a multiple sort function, so it can sort according...
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 DomainRipper Mar 24, 2004 109
DomainRipper is a powerful Whois server lookup utility for Windows 95/ 98/ NT/ 2000 that helps you keep track of domain names. It can also check the central Whois database periodically and notify you via email as soon as a domain becomes available.Why is this needed? Anyone has the right to buy a do...
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 DigitalWeb InstallWizard Mar 24, 2004 108
Very simple wizard interface - design and modify your setup without writing a single line of code! - Full install and uninstall support for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP. - Customizable user interface, including custom bitmaps. - Unlimited, lifetime distribution license. - Single-file, self-...
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 Antiquarium Mar 24, 2004 105
Antiquarium is a brand new 32-bit Windows application, provided for reading and searching Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG) and Packard Humanities Institute (PHI) databases of classical texts in Greek and Latin. Antiquarium incomparably interprets all subtleties of the TLG and the PHI unique data for...
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 AntiPop Aug 20, 2002 103
Are you tired of pop up ads when you are surfing the internet? Now you can eliminate these ads with SkelaXin AntiPop. This easy to use program runs in the background, so as not to interfere with your computer and internet use. If you should ever go to a site where you need to view a pop up window, ...
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 2 Find MP3 Mar 24, 2004 101
2 Find MP3 is the ultimate tool to locate and retrieve MP3 files on the net. 2 Find MP3 uses the top MP3 search engines available on the net today. It not only finds the music you want, it also verifies the search results and lets you download the MP3 files with a single mouse click. 2 Find MP3 r...
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