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 eMusic Tag Editor Apr 8, 2004 182
eMusic Tag Editor is an intuitive program that takes care of all your mp3, wma tags needs. Friendly, easy-to-use interface allows you to organize your work very fast....
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 Liatro Electrical Design Apr 7, 2004 180
Excellent for electronic shematic design.Liatro Electrical Design has high-quality easy-to-use creative schematic for electronic designers of every level. provides fast and smart multi-sheet hierarchical schematic entry with high quality output. It is better choice for you....
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 Easy MP3 Splitter Apr 8, 2004 180
Easy MP3 Splitter is a Powerful software for splitting MP3 files into smaller ones. It is a easy tool for creating one or more sections of large MP3 files, such as your favorite radio shows, concerts, trance mixes, etc. It support three methods to split : by frame, by time, and by size. Furthe...
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 The PanHandler32 for SAWPro Apr 7, 2004 178
The PanHandler is an exciting new tool for real-time surround sound panning and encoding. It allows the production of multi-dimensional sound tracks for multimedia, video, video games, television, radio ad spots, and many other applications. The newest addition to the FX plug-in line for t...
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 PanHandler for DirectX Apr 7, 2004 177
Bring your project's soundtrack to life with the same surround sound encoding used in theaters and home theater systems. Fly-bys, precise stereo imaging and mix automation are as easy as dragging your "pan point" from one side of the PanHandler's window to another! Once you have produced a ste...
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 G-tune Aug 3, 2004 171
Celebrating 6 years of G-tune... G-tune, our musical instrument tuning software, is now 6 years old. Marking this occasion, Version 2.50 has now been released. This is a free update for all registered users. Throughout the world, G-tune has gained an enviable reputation as the most accurate,...
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 MP3 Sound Cutter Apr 8, 2004 170
MP3 Sound Cutter(MP3 Cutter) is a program that can cut MP3 piece from big MP3 WAV format sound file directly without costing any other disk space. With a simple and intuitionistic interface, you can cut your sound easily and quickly. What can MP3 Sound Cutter do for you? Cut MP3 MP3 from big ...
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 WaveToMidi Apr 7, 2004 168
WaveToMidi analyses the source audio file finding the musical notes played in this file, you can analyse music you recorded with your instrument/ s, your voice or from audio files you have loaded into your computer, also you can analyse audio recorded in realtime from a microphone or instrument p...
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 QUACK Sound Effects Studio Apr 7, 2004 165
QUACK Sound Effects Studio lets you create your own original sound effects with an easy to use visual editor. Simply select basic components from the toolbar, and plug them together in any combination, and create exactly the sound you need. Use our new Scope view to see the output of any component...
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 The PanHandler Surround Sound Plug-in for Adobe Premiere Nov 19, 2002 162
Surround sound panning and encoding for your Adobe Premiere projects! After installing the PanHandler for Adobe Premiere, you'll be able to precisely control the positioning and movement of the sound elements in any of your audio tracks. Give your video, film, and multimedia titles the profession...
The PanHandler Surround Sound Plug-in for Adobe Premiere download   The PanHandler Surround Sound Plug-in for Adobe Premiere free download Buy now for $99.95   Buy The PanHandler Surround Sound Plug-in for Adobe Premiere now
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