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 CD Wave Dec 23, 2003 123
CD Wave is a program designed to aid in CD-Recordable mastering. It was built for splitting WAV files from any source, like LP, tape or even CD. After recording, you can let CD Wave automatically calculate split points, or you can manually add and delete split points. After this, you can write ...
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 YAMP v2.1 upgrade Apr 8, 2004 123
YAMP v2.2 is a complete, professional, easy and affordable solution for computer users working with audio data. It allows users to: easily extract tracks from audio CDs create samplers of audio CDs quickly encode WAV files to MP3 format tag MP3 files play MP3 and WAV files convert MP3 f...
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 Digit US English for PC and Pocket PC May 5, 2003 118
Digit can read any text out loud, just copy the text into your windows clipboard, select your language and voice, and Digit will read it ! Easy to use and always available on top of your favourite applications . Digit is shipped with an Elan TTS engine including male and female voices. Download i...
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 Real Time Sound Comparator Apr 8, 2004 117
The program is designed for real time scale concurrence detection of a sound signal fragments with previously recorded patterns. One of the most attractive features of the programs is the sound signal monitoring (TV, Radio, Video ads clipping, the advertising announcements passing reliability, s...
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 TOBEST Sound Sensor Apr 8, 2004 117
TOBEST Sound Sensor as the name means is a software to make your computer a highly efficient sound-detector. You can catch the level of the sound you want as you can regulate the sensitivity-range ( 0 ~ 100 dB:decibels) freely from a minute sounds as a feather makes to a loud sounds like the cannon'...
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 SqueezeMyCD MP3 Studio Apr 8, 2004 116
All new and improved interface and encoding engine make this MP3 encoder the best ever, and easiest to use. Convert an entire CD to MP3 at the click of a button. Or select tracks, one or as many as you want, and click "Start". Then watch the progress window as the program simultaneously copies an...
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 AudioWriter Apr 8, 2004 116
With AudioWriter you can create your own customized Audio CD's. Easely drag & drop your music-tracks from all your Audio's CD's, or convert WAV/ MP3 files to the right format to write on your CD! Creating Audio CD's was never easier! CDDB: Get disc and track titles through Internet! With AudioWrite...
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 i-Sound WMA MP3 Recorder Professional Aug 24, 2004 114
i-Sound WMA / MP3 recorder turn your PC into complete sound recording studio. You can record sound from internal or external source into MP3/ OGG/ WMA/ WAV/ APE format sound file directly without costing any other disk space. With VOX feature program can become ideal solution for amateur radio op...
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 Aldos Text-to-WAVE Aug 20, 2004 113
Convert text, web pages and MS Word documents into audible documents in WAVE or MP3 formats. Great tool to create your own audio books, improve your memory by repetition, learn foreing language pronunciation, read jokes, news, online bible or any text and listen documents on the road in your C...
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 Eyes Ears/Remotion Bundle Apr 8, 2004 113
Eyes&Ears is a motion and sound sensitive surveillance software package. Remotion is an integrated video phone written specifically to work with Eyes&Ears. With this bundle, you can detect sound and motion in your home or office. Then automatically receive either a video phone or telephone call so ...
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