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 Elecard Mpeg2 Player Sep 9, 2013 16002
Elecard MPEG 2 Player allows software-only MPEG2 and MPEG1 playback on a regular PC without expensive hardware. Optimized for most efficient CPU usage. DirectShow and ActiveMovie compatible.Elecard MPEG Player is capable of playing back all of today's popular media formats. It is a perfect solution ...
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 MyFlix Apr 15, 2004 13962
MyFlix is an integrated tool for searching, editing, and playing MPEG video. You can select any frame in MPEG movie, play it forward or backward, step forward or backward a frame at a time, and much more. MyFlix turns your video into a thumbnail index of still frames that summarizes the ent...
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 ConvertXtoDVD Jul 29, 2016 12312
ConvertXtoDVD - top-choice video conversion software - convert and burn any videos such as Avi to DVD, WMV to DVD, MKV to DVD, YouTube, ogm, mpeg, quicktime mov! This award-winning divx to dvd video converter software burn video and audio formats to DVD, video conversion supports avi, divx,...
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 Koala Player XP Mar 28, 2012 9315
Koala Player XP is windows application that offers fast and high quality playback of movie files with subtitles. Koala Player XP software is based not on the Windows Media Player but on the DirectShow core that results in fine quality and performance. This product has been sufficiently improved sinc...
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 miniPCTV Feb 17, 2006 8980
MiniPCTV is a new extremely popular breath-taking TV viewer and Video encoder, developed for TV watching or video recording on any PC. It's the best price-quality combination! Install this markworthy software and enjoy watching your favourite TV programs on your desktop or laptop. MiniPCTV works wi...
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 DVD-TO-AVI Feb 8, 2006 7938
Let us introduce the newly updated DVD-TO-AVI program - easy to use software to copy any DVD movie to AVI file! With very easy to use and time saving DVD-TO-AVI anyone can become a real DVD/ AVI expert! Remember how burdensome it was only a few months ago? Rip, wait, convert, and wait again and a...
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 Personal AVI Editor Apr 15, 2004 6331
The Personal AVI Editor has one video track and one audio track. Its standard digital effects include fade, wipe, and wave-mix; more effects are available. The program can capture audio and video, and it also features synchronization of tracks and a preview function. A plug-in SDK is available fr...
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 VivoStatic Feb 8, 2006 5450
If you need a multimedia application to playback the Vivo video files ? VivoStatic is just what you need! This high-quality software has built up a reputation of the best VIVO player on the Web! It was first released in 1997 and has been greatly improved since then! As it was mentioned, VivoStatic ...
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 M2-edit Pro Apr 15, 2004 5192
M2-edit Pro brings new breakthroughs in technology to deliver the most sophisticated MPEG-2 editor available to your desktop. M2-edit Pro is based on Mediaware's advanced MPEG-2 library that supports bit-rate controlled editing, searching, mux, demux, and repacketization of MPEG-2 Program and T...
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 Vidlizard video player May 8, 2007 4647
The selection of a multimedia player is a very individual thing. There is a well-known proverb "tastes differ" which describes this problem in the best way. Somebody wants different players for video and audio files and somebody else wants only one player for all multimedia content. Somebody prefers...
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