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 WebWhois Component Aug 27, 2002 73
WebWhois is an easy to use COM component that uses the HTTP protocol to perform a whois query against Internic or Arin. Features in version 1.0 include: 2 methods for querying against a whois engine; HTML help style documentation - Includes documentation on the Whois specification; Fully configurabl...
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 Highlight Menu Jan 31, 2004 70
This menu is one of our top downloads! Place your mouse over the text and the color of the menu options changes! You can customize all the colors and all the different text styles , sizes, etc. You can even add different sounds, one when the user places their mouse over the menu option and another...
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 PageCraft Jan 31, 2004 69
PageCraft is an advanced web authoring tool, with a number of features to help you make good looking web pages more efficiently. A Layout View provides a WYSIWYG editing environment which makes tasks such as text entry, form design, table creation and image placement a snap. PageCraft's Tag List ...
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 Text-2-Button Menu Aug 9, 2002 69
Add some interactivity to your site. This menu is one of our top downloads! Place your mouse over the text and a button appears! All of the graphics are done mathmatically so ther are no images to transfer, which equates to faster response and it will work behind ALL firewalls. You can customize al...
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 7 View Slide Show Jan 31, 2004 68
Create slide shows with 7 ways to view. IE and Netscape compatible, colorful backgrounds and your creative style in choosing the format of lettering, colors and sound. All options include scroll buttons, auto run, keyboard control, 57 transitions and more. You can personalize each slide, add s...
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 Flash Jigsaw Producer Aug 27, 2004 68
Do you want to create a FLASH puzzles from your pictures? Do you want to add online games to your web-site? Flash Jigsaw Producer is able to create FLASH puzzle from any BMP, GIF or JPG image with the size of up to 2800 x 2800 pixels. The size of the resulting picture puzzle as well as the nu...
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 River Past Web Slides Aug 14, 2004 67
Getting tired of managing your photos for your web site? Why not create a slide show video instead? You create one single WMV video file instead of dozens of JPEGs. You save time, space, and bandwidth. The visitors to your web site saves mouse click and time. The video size is much smaller t...
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 AddTGP Jan 31, 2004 67
AddTGP is an automatic tgp submission software suite for creating and submitting thumbnail galleries. With its friendly and convenient interface you can create, replicate and submit a gallery within few minutes. Unlike any other automated submission service, AddTGP has a built-in rules check sys...
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 AAADBS WebQuest Jan 31, 2004 67
Take the workout of designing multi-page threaded questionnaire forms for the web. WebQuest allows you to quickly put together a data collection system on an ASP platform with minimal effort iusing a flow chart and a few lists....
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 IMS Web Engine Aug 16, 2004 67
IMS Web Engine is a professional authoring tool for the creation of advanced interactive and animated web sites that make full use of Dynamic HTML and JavaScript. Don't loose visitors that will not download lengthy plug-ins or controls. Features unique to "IMS Web Engine" include Inverse Mechanics a...
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