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 TigerII WAP Tools May 7, 2003 363
Tiger II WML Editor is a tool designed for WML documents editing. On this kind of documents are the basement of data presentation over all hardware and software that supports WAP protocol. Using this TigerII WML Tools makes easy preparing WAP based website. Included tools of organizing documents int...
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 AlbumWeb Sep 5, 2011 335
It is rather difficult and monotonous to create web photo albums by hand. If you use AlbumWeb there is no need to use different graphical converters and write html code. AlbumWeb make a process of creating web photo album automatic and rather exciting. The web photo album can be used at your interne...
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 Search Engine Builder Mar 10, 2007 282
Many visitors to your website are usually looking for specific information. If they have to take too much time to find what they want, you`ll lose some of them. Search Engine Builder Standard is specifically designed to help with that problem. It indexes your entire website quickly and generates ...
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 CSE HTML Validator Professional Oct 17, 2005 269
CSE HTML Validator is fast, powerful, inexpensive, highly user configurable, and easy to use professional HTML development tool that assists in the creation of syntactically correct HTML documents. CSE HTML Validator helps eliminate website problems and increases the productivity and saves you t...
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 Hecktech.ImageHandler Jan 31, 2004 225
The Hecktech.ImageHandler is an ASP.NET HTTP Handler designed to process image files on-the-fly. Gone are the days of pre-generated thumbnails, which can get misplaced, renamed, or not updated when their source images are. With the Hecktech.ImageHandler, you can generate thumbnails on the fly, ...
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 Ultra GIF Optimizer Jan 31, 2004 212
Ultra GIF Optimizer is a powerful tool for optimizing GIF images.It can makes your web page load faster, save your server bandwidth charges and disk space! By using Ultra GIF Optimizer you can: Reduce the size of GIF images by up to 70%! Increase the speed of your website. Save your server disk spa...
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 SNK Visual HTML Workshop 2.5 (Russian) Jan 31, 2004 211
HTML editor with friendly user interface. Has a lot of functions such as HTML-tag wizards, automatic FTP upload, multiple-browsers preview, help system, and much more. Note, only Russian language version currently is available....
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 Web PriceList 2001 Jan 29, 2004 207
Web PriceList 2001 lets you maintain a price list database that it translates into a Web-based table. It allows you to break down your products into categories and to provide separate retail and reseller price figures. It includes an online ordering feature, employing JavaScript and CGI, and e...
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 TigerII Tools Jan 29, 2004 198
TigerII Tools is a HTML toolbox. You will find here advanced wizards that will help to create several parts of your website eg. complex tables and forms, galleries. You will also find these tools usefull while creating image maps and cutting images into parts. In addition TigerII MiniPad HTML Edito...
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 WebGraphics Optimizer Express Jan 29, 2004 173
WebGraphics Optimizer for Windows 95/ 98/ 2000/ NT/ ME and XP is the ultimate solution in web graphics optimization: It is user friendly, fast, and has tons of useful features! WebGraphics Optimizer (Standard) and WebGraphics Optimizer are perfect tools for optimizing and compressing images for o...
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