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 GraphicsWizard Jan 29, 2004 89
EasyGraphics is a program intended for fast and easy creation of professional looking graphics for web pages. You can create stylish buttons and headings. You can export to various graphics file formats. Why would you want EasyGraphics? EasyGraphics is necessary for everyone, who already has or wan...
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 eXicon 2002 Jan 29, 2004 89
eXicon 2002 (short for Extract Icon), is the newest version of the original eXicon application i released in 1998/ 99. The original version of eXicon was not very user friendly and was relatively slow when compared with todays standards. This new version of eXicon expands upon the original version ...
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 Web Colide Form Creator Jan 29, 2004 89
Creates 6 ways to view your pictures in full screen, web ready slide shows, catalogs and photo albums with special transition effects. Select foreground, background, colors, textures, show times, sounds(mp3, wav or midi), color schemes, picture arrangements, modifications, and simulation...
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 Applet MultiLayer Text Scroller Jan 31, 2004 89
Applet MultiLayer Text Scroller is a powerful applet-producing design tool for scrolling text on Web pages. Applet can be customized highly and easily by using Applet Configuration Program. You can define text, image, font, color, URL and more for the applet. You don't need to write any code by...
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 Source Encryption Jan 31, 2004 88
Encrypt your HTML Source code and prevent users from stealing it! HTML Encryption allows you to secure your HTML code from people who would otherwise steal it from you. Any browser that supports Javascript will be able to read your source code. Features include: HTML Encryption HTML Decryption (r...
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 Blueprint Software s Web Scripting Editor Jan 31, 2004 88
To design brilliant Web sites you need a great Web authoring program like Web Scripting Editor. Web Scripting Editor is a feature rich HTML Editor that will take the chore out of your Web coding so you can concentrate on the creative side of your Web development. HTML gurus will love the many time s...
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 Pop-Up Jan 29, 2004 88
Pop-Up menu is a DHTML driven navigational system that allows webmasters to add to their pages an easy to use and very impressing navigational system. It creates menus similar to the menus of Windows 95/ 98 and makes them available to the visitors through a single mouse click. Creating your own menu...
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 B3 dBanner Studio Jan 31, 2004 87
A dBanner is a banner ad designed with DHTML as opposed to an animated GIF or JPEG image. A dBanner is using a HTML Component, the Slideshow, to implement simple animations. The slideshow object and the built in transition effects of Internet Explorer make up a perfect couple for DHTML banners - d...
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 LocalWEB2000 Jan 31, 2004 86
Standard delivers all the features you would expect to find in a server 10 times the cost. Standard is ideal for serving intranets, or for testing your website prior to uploading it to the internet. With support built in for CGI scripting, you can write your scripts using either Perl or any other ...
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 Pop-Up (Home User License) Jan 29, 2004 86
Pop-Up is a program for creating Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language (DHTML) menus for Web Pages. With the Pop-Up menu creator you can create your own custom menus, easy and fast (without knowing any JavaScript), just with the push of a few buttons. Pop-Up menu has many configuration options inclu...
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