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 Webformer Web Page Editor Jan 31, 2004 84
A powerful web page editor including a fully-featured editor to give you full control over your code, a full-blown web-server powered preview allowing you to preview CGI scripts as well as static web pages, and a vast array of time saving functions, including wizards for most common HTML tags. Wo...
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 WebGraphics Optimizer Jan 29, 2004 84
WebGraphics Optimizer for Windows 95/ 98/ 2000/ NT/ ME and XP is the ultimate solution in web graphics optimization: It is user friendly, fast, and has tons of useful features! WebGraphics Optimizer (Standard) and WebGraphics Optimizer are perfect tools for optimizing and compressing images for on...
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 Quask FormCaster Jan 29, 2004 83
With Quask FormCaster, you can design fantastic looking forms, publish them on the web or email them to people. The forms are automatically hosted on Quask?s central servers. If you have never worked with a Web server and would like to keep it that way, then FormCaster is the answer....
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 Thumbnail Factory Mar 9, 2004 83
Creates HTML page of thumbnails and links to the full images Drag and drop images from different directories into table grid Drag images to arrange tablegrid Different customizable styles of thumbnails and images Customizable HTML pages Managing multiply profiles of thumbnail styles and options...
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 Easy Web Editor Jan 31, 2004 83
With this easy to use Web publishing tool you can make fancy Internet pages: hot spots, frames, frame-to-frame links, styles, popups, mouse-over changing images and more... quickly. You never see the actual HTML, so everything is visual and really fast. An entire site exists as a single docume...
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 MagicImage Java Applet May 7, 2003 82
This little applet combines two image files to create a cool scrolling texture effect....
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 .NET MenuTree server control Jan 31, 2004 82
A native .NET server control that displays a tree view or drop-down view of menus on your web page. Totally encapsulates the menu in client-side HTML and Java script. State and event handling optimized for minimal round-trips to the server. Integrated into the .NET IDE, shows up as an icon in the t...
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 GAX Professional Jun 20, 2005 81
GAX Professional (now GAXreloaded) is a complete graphics application for both professionals (web designers, graphic designers) as well as for beginners and everyone else who works with graphics. The software features colorpicker, a screen ruler, and a screen capture tool with a variety of captur...
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 ShadeMagic Jan 29, 2004 81
Here is an answer to web graphics creators who wanted to work with more sophisticated pieces of gradient patterns. Just a single click on the toolbar button will fill text with gradient pattern by cutting out the area where text overlaps an image. You can also add text to an image and retouch it muc...
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 RGBPro Jan 31, 2004 80
RGBPro is the color picker for webmasters and programmers. Save time by auto generating HTML, Cascading Style Sheet tags and hex color codes in HTML, Java, C/ C++ and Delphi/ Pascal. Quickly get the color you want by selecting it off the desktop with the Color Grabber tool, using RGB/ CMY slider...
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