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 GAX Professional Jun 20, 2005 83
GAX Professional (now GAXreloaded) is a complete graphics application for both professionals (web designers, graphic designers) as well as for beginners and everyone else who works with graphics. The software features colorpicker, a screen ruler, and a screen capture tool with a variety of captur...
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 HTML Injector Jan 29, 2004 82
Stop wasting your valuable time doing repetitive html updates! Html Injector can help you make complex changes to your site in minutes, saving you hours of valuable time....
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 PAWBrowse Jan 29, 2004 82
PAWBrowse is a small, fast and very capable image viewing and browsing tool. It features quick access to files through a favorites system, a fullscreen mode, support for popular image formats and much more, all powered by a simple but effective interface....
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 CardCheck Jan 29, 2004 82
Credit Card validation for web pages, applications and documents. Evaluation of CardCheck DLL....
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 ASPPicture single server Jan 31, 2004 80
Dynamically create or manipulate graphics on your web site - display a diagram based on data from a database, show a graphical counter, change brightness or contrast of an image just uploaded by user, generate "thumbnails" of images from a database without saving them to disk and a lot of other t...
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 Message Slider Java Applet Jan 31, 2004 80
Message Slider Java Applet...
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 Applet Menu Builder GOLD Jan 31, 2004 79
WYSIWYG Applet Menu Design Tool...
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 ColorFunction Image Generator Jan 29, 2004 79
ColorFunction Image Generator is a program that generates images that you can use for desktop or web backgrounds or for any other use, it generates the image calculating a math expression for every pixel and every component of the color (red, green or blue), the math expression uses this variables:...
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 Document to HTML Converter Jan 31, 2004 76
Converts MS Word documents to HTML Web sites with complete indexing, table of contents and navigation controls on each page using Word VBA. Uses MS Word Headings as set in the Normal.dot template. Instructions are part of the document. Easy to customise for a completely unique static document publi...
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 pic2clik Jan 29, 2004 75
pic2clik is a simple yet powerful software application that allows you to quickly and easily create online photo albums that are free of registration screens and banner ads. With pic2clik, creating and sharing great albums with family and friends is as easy as insert, publish, share, and edit....
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