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 Active Screen Saver DevKit Apr 4, 2004 79
ACTIVE SCREEN SAVER - DevKit. Convert Multimedia and Web Content Into a Screen Saver Including setup for distribution. Active Screen Saver DevKit easily converts existing Internet and multimedia content into a screen saver while producing a professional setup and installation program. Active Screen ...
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 WebFiles Apr 4, 2004 77
WebFiles allows users to organize files for distribution on CD, local servers, or Intranet/ Internet. Files are accessible via a standard Web browser....
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 Imagine That Apr 4, 2004 77
Imagine That is a internet/ intranet web page authoring system. Designed for the intermediate user, Imagine That was built around a live browser. The web page displayed in the left window of the above screen shot is the actual web browser displaying the page. As you make changes to the page, the b...
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 Servlet.Search Jan 31, 2004 77
Servlet.Search is a Java servlet for searching the files on your web site. It provides a simple and fast way to configure and install on your site. It can be completely integrated with your site by using the original layout and style and without affect the look and feel of your site. Features Cros...
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 Text Guard Apr 4, 2004 77
Text Guard is handy utility for information protection. Features Encodes HTML pages. Protects information from being stolen. Password protect HTML pages. Can protect the whole page and any part on the page, as well. Protect email address from being spammed....
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 mnoGoSearch SQL for Windows Apr 4, 2004 76
The unique features of our search engine are designed to provide search on Intranet or public Web sites so customers and visitors can quickly find and access virtually any information on a site or multiple sites. With mnoGoSearch it is possible to build and maintain various subject-oriented search s...
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 12345 Good Photo Gallery Wizard Apr 4, 2004 75
Create your own Photo Album and online image galleries in Internet! 12345-Wizard has the easy and convenient interface. It is not necessary to tune a software. You do not need to know the HTML language (There is No HTML-coding!) The wizard is the convenient creator for family photo albums, gallerie...
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 Alysta AuctionMaker Apr 4, 2004 74
AuctionMaker is a powerful tool for managing online auction sales. AuctionMaker will save you hours of time creating auction ads, tracking auction details, sending emails, printing invoices, and more. AuctionMaker helps you look more professional with professional looking auction ads, emails, ...
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 DomainInspect Jan 8, 2007 74
Domain Inspect supports checking of up to 10 domain names at a time, making best use of the bandwidth of your dial-up service or cable modem. With a current storage of more than 100 TLDs, the database of Domain Inspect is subject to immediate updates when there are new additions or changes in che...
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 ASPUploadFile Apr 4, 2004 72
Upload files from a browser to a server using Active Server Pages. The Real Solutions Upload File components are used to transfer files from a client PC to a Web server or an Application server. The design of the components is to facilitate file transfers in the most secure environments. Our soluti...
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