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 veryPDF Art Print Driver Sep 16, 2004 105
Art Print Driver is a Windows printer driver that saves ink, paper and time by controlling printed output, it supports Print 2, 4, 6, 8 or 16 pages on a single sheet of paper, it also can scale A3 paper to standard Letter or A4 paper sizes. Art Print Driver Function and face 1.Art Pr...
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 Mapsoft Impress Feb 7, 2004 103
Impress is an Acrobat Exchange plug-in that enables text to be added to a range of pages in a PDF file. An impression can be set either as a watermark, which is on a layer below all of the existing text and images, or above existing text, where it can be used for headers and footers, page number...
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 SuperFax: The Fax Automation Utility for Word Feb 7, 2004 102
Faxing the way it should be! Finally, an add-on for Word automates faxing using any fax software on the market! With SuperFax, faxing documents is now just a button-click away! SuperFax automates both faxing and printing hard copies -- all within Word for Windows. SuperFax is an add-on for Word th...
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 Advanced Find and Replace Feb 7, 2004 99
Search multiple documents with smart queries and batch replace lines of text!...
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 ExTools Jul 1, 2002 98
ExTools is an Excel Add-In program that adds many new tools and utilities for your everyday spreadsheet editing job. The tools are designed to be user-friendly yet powerful enough to increase your productivity tremendously. Features Highlight : Powerful tools/ utilities to make spreadsheet editing...
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 Text-to-PDF Feb 7, 2004 96
Text-to-PDF is a program to convert ASCII texts into PDF format with a minimum loss of formatting information. It recognizes the basic format structures (paragraphs, lists, tables). The program has easy-to-use wizard-style interface and full install/ uninstall support....
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 Form Pilot Home Feb 7, 2004 94
Form Pilot is a form filler software. You will be able to fill out form on your computer instead of using a typewriter. You may use preprinted or blank paper forms. Form Pilot makes typewriters obsolete! Our cartoon character will lead you through using Form Pilot step by step, as Form Pilot works ...
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 4TOPS Word Link for Access 97 Feb 7, 2004 93
4TOPS Word Link is an add-in for Microsoft Access, which adds data from Microsoft Access in Word documents. You can compose simple and more complex documents, such as standard letters, invoices and reports. Open the Microsoft Access form which contains the data you want to appear in the document....
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 As-U-Type Aug 24, 2004 90
As-U-Type is an award-winning, smart OS-level real-time spell check and speed typing software that works with all Windows programs to increase your typing accuracy and productivity. The software can adapt itself to your keyboarding habits, spell check and automatically correct spelling mistakes as...
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 MedSpel Feb 7, 2004 90
MedSpel includes over 50, 000 medical terms that can be added to your MicrosoftTM Word spelling dictionary. Terms included range from abdominis to zygomatic, and include over 5, 500 drug names. MedSpel 4.6 has been updated to include automated installation and deinstallation....
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