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 Active Desktop Calendar Feb 25, 2004 1163
Active Desktop Calendar is a basic, easy-to-use personal information manager. The basic idea standing behind this program is very simple. In our 3D world, logical place for a calendar is hanging on the wall, or sitting somewhere on top of the desk. Active Desktop Calendar is aiming right in that ...
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 Active Desktop Wallpaper Feb 28, 2004 494
Make and use desktop wallpapers in a new way. Transform your desktop to an exciting picture gallery. Three wallpaper change modes available: manual, cycling or around-the-clock list. Create list of wallpapers easily, add pictures and text to any wallpaper with instant outcome, export wallpapers. ...
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 Active ScreenSaver Builder Jan 17, 2004 155
Use your imagination and create great screen savers for yourself or other people. Display your images and drawings anywhere on the screen, as many as you want, move them around, add or move your text with different font styles and effects, play some sound and much more. Preview and test your wor...
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 Tetruzzle Feb 8, 2004 154
Tetruzzle keeps original Tetris; time-cracking simplicity and offers fine twists: playing the game reveals a puzzle, scenery is changeable with free downloadable collection and with built in game builder one can easily create new sceneries to share....
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 Download Druid Mar 20, 2004 150
Add mass download option to your Internet Explorer. Download Druid shows up conveniently on Explorer's toolbar where you get two new buttons. One is to show/ hide Druid Bar on the left side of the browser window. The other opens Druid's download manager with a list of all files matching designated f...
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 Claudio Apr 7, 2004 139
Claudio is standard audio recorder that allows you to choose any combination of sound quality parameters for recording: 11/ 22/ 44 KHz sampling rate, 8/ 16-bit samples, mono/ stereo sound. Recordings are organized in cassettes and each new recording creates a new track on a current cassette. Track...
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 Flash ScreenSaver Builder Jan 18, 2004 120
This screen saver maker allows you to combine Flash SWF files, images, text and multimedia in a standard screensaver. The program has a wizard and/ or simple yet effective command language. It offers three user interfaces with different complexity: one-step screen saver solution, wizard interface...
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 Internet ScreenSaver Builder Jan 19, 2004 102
This screensaver maker allows you to combine images, text and multimedia in a standard screensaver with Internet update engine. When a screensaver detects changes on its web location (you set minimum interval between two checks) it will automatically start downloading necessary component files and ...
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 Audio Notes Recorder Feb 5, 2006 93
Audio Notes Recorder is easy to use voice notes tool that records from microphone and all other sound sources you have with your sound card. it works in the system tray and has minimal resources consumption in combination with high usability and functionality. It has digital & analog operation modes...
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 Internet Drummer! Mar 21, 2004 75
This program works in the system tray and serves for checking unlimited number of POP3 e-mail accounts. It can execute various types of notifiers whenever there is new e-mail waiting in your mailbox. Each e-mail account can have its own checking interval. You can preview messages while they are stil...
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